Claim your SWAVE token2023-03-21T18:17:31-07:00

Claim your SWAVE token

Kickstart your crypto investing journey with SWAVE, a token designed as an investment vehicle to hold high-performing crypto assets with it. Find out how to claim your free SWAVE token.

SWAVE is a token on polygon blockchain. Please make sure your wallet address is compatible with polygon. Do not use custodian wallets from centralized exchange. Tokens sent to incorrect address cannot be retrieved. Don't have a wallet? Get one for free from Metamask

  • My wallet address is compatible to receive ERC20 token on polygon network
  • Transfer once processed cannot be reversed
  • This is not a duplicate claim


Is SWAVE for shüts wealth Beta users only?2023-03-10T21:20:08-08:00

No. SWAVE is created for anyone with a web3 wallet address to own. The current FREE airdrop promotion is exclusively for shüts wealth Beta users – signing up is free.

What do I need to be eligible for the claim?2023-03-10T21:18:09-08:00
  1. Sign up shüts wealth beta for free.
  2. Own a crypto wallet address that can receive ERC20 tokens over Polygon network.
How do I know if my wallet can receive SWAVE tokens?2023-03-11T15:07:43-08:00

SWAVE is an ERC20 token which makes it compatible with most wallets. If you’re using a centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Robinhood, Kucoin, or other, make sure that the wallet address is not that of a custodian wallet.

In the web3 world, if you own the keys to your wallet, it truly is your wallet. If you have the private key of the wallet and if the wallet supports Polygon network with any ERC20 tokens, your wallet is compatible. Examples of wallets that are supported include Metamask, Ledger, Trust Wallet, etc. Reach out to us on before entering an incorrect wallet address. Tokens sent to incorrect or incompatible cannot be recovered by us and will not be resent.

What do I need to do after requesting a claim?2023-03-11T14:55:13-08:00

Just sit back and wait for the tokens to be transferred to your wallet. This can take up to 5 business days. After the transfer is complete, you can track the growth of the token by connecting your wallet on the SWAVE App.


Why don’t I see SWAVE in my wallet?2023-03-15T07:01:58-07:00

One way to verify if you own SWAVE is to go to and enter your wallet address in the search bar. In the token dropdown, you will see all the tokens in your wallet, this should include any SWAVE you own.

You can also manually add SWAVE to your MetaMask or another wallet by heading to Wallet > Import Tokens > Custom token >

  • Token Address: 0xD14D1e501b2b52D6134dB1aD0857Aa91f9BFe2dd
  • Token Symbol: SWAVE
  • Token Decimal: 18

Then, click on Add Custom Token > Import Tokens

You should now see SWAVE in your wallet.

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