1003, 2023

Why token approval is needed?


Why token approval is needed? Token approval is a pretty standard approach in the web3 world. This is basically letting the blockchain know that you authorize the app or the third-party contract to use the token on your behalf. This does not mean

703, 2023

How to trade SWAVE?


How to trade SWAVE? SWAVE is designed as an investment vehicle, to hold high performing crypto assets, setting it apart from other cryptocurrencies. The value of the token is the sum of the value of assets it holds - SWAVE's Net Asset Value(NAV).

603, 2023

What is shüts Wave?


What is shüts Wave? Shüts Wealth is laying down the foundation for strategy-based investing in traditional markets as well as in the crypto space with our new and upcoming crypto asset class. Strategy-based investing can help reduce drawdowns and increase your odds of making

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