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Simplify your
DeFi investments

Simplify your
DeFi investments

Diversify your portfolio with the right mix of top-performing crypto assets.
SWAVE is a 100% Collateralized Token-as-a-Strategy.

Current Underlying Tokens

A New Paradigm
in Crypto Investing

SWAVE is a revolutionary new token designed to simplify crypto investing. Tap into crypto market growth with just a single crypto asset designed to work as “funds” do in the stock market.

No minimum investment.
100% ownership of your token’s underlying assets.

listed on


Net Asset Value (NAV)


Market Cap







Trustless and Transparent.

Tap into automated exposure to the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap. Experience investment growth on autopilot.

100% Ownership

Own 100% of your token’s underlying assets, 100% of the time. Redeem/sell for these underlying assets whenever you choose to.


Lower costs by investing in a basket of digital assets. Skip transaction and gas fees paid to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies.


Tap into a highly liquid DeFi asset with a minting and burning mechanism that is deployed on the blockchain, making it permanent and easy to buy and sell.

Secure & Transparent

Built on Set Protocol which has completed third-party audits by OpenZeppelin, ABDK, and Iosiro – Perpetual Module and Basis Trading Module.

Risk Diversification

Benefit from lower drawdowns while reducing risk and splitting exposure across three cryptocurrencies.


SWAVE is an ERC-20 token that is compatible with all Ethereum-based wallets. This allows SWAVE to be stored in hardware wallets and cold wallets.

Strategy-Backed Investing with Powerful Results

SWAVE tracks the performance of shüts’ successful crypto strategy with proven results. Grow your portfolio using momentum trends and experience returns exceeding those from individual coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.

A basket of cryptocurrencies to help you build a diversified portfolio.


What is SWAVE?2023-03-05T19:55:00-08:00

SWAVE is a 100% collateralized token. Think of SWAVE as a basket of top-performing cryptocurrencies, a token-as-a-strategy that lets you maximize gains while diversifying risk.

How is SWAVE different to other crypto tokens?2023-02-24T03:27:52-08:00

SWAVE is designed as an investment vehicle, to hold high-performing crypto assets. The price and performance of SWAVE is derived from the performance of its underlying tokens and not from its own market activity. This makes SWAVE very different from other alt/meme coins. SWAVE’s utility is to be a portfolio within itself.

What is the inclusion criteria for underlying tokens?2023-02-24T03:32:42-08:00

A token is only considered for inclusion when it is in the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, and has retained its position in the top 30 for a pre-defined period of time.

SWAVE follows shüts Crypto strategy. As a result, tokens are included in SWAVE’s allocation on the basis of their momentum.

Who can access underlying assets?2023-02-24T03:35:50-08:00

The investor fully owns 100% of the token’s underlying assets and is the only individual that can access purchased tokens. Only the SWAVE token-holders wallet has access to the withdrawal of current holdings of SWAVE. In order for this to be a safe and  “trustless” system, no individuals at Shuts Wealth Inc., or within or affiliated to the SWAVE team can access, recover, or withdraw your SWAVE tokens for you. This makes the token 100% collateralized.

Can I buy SWAVE on DEX?2023-03-08T20:34:11-08:00

Yes, SWAVE is available to buy on Uniswap. The price of SWAVE on Uniswap is pegged to its NAV, or Net Asset Value. You can also buy SWAVE directly from its source thus guaranteeing the exact price.

How can I buy or sell SWAVE?2023-03-08T20:35:40-08:00

SWAVE can be bought or sold on:

Buying SWAVE from the token app ensure you get the correct price based as on the NAV. Here’s how to buy SWAVE.

Could SWAVE disappear or go offline? Will I lose my SWAVE tokens in any scenario?2023-03-05T20:10:02-08:00

No. SWAVE is a token on the Polygon blockchain, making it immutable, i.e. permanent on Polygon blockchain. The burn and mint mechanism of SWAVE cannot be changed and thus guarantees liquidity.

The token-holder owns any SWAVE tokens that they hold. As long as you have access to your crypto wallet, you have full control over the SWAVE tokens that you hold.

Why is it important that SWAVE is trustless?2023-02-24T03:48:57-08:00

Since SWAVE is trustless, it requires no middlemen or trusted counterparties/funds for its minting, burning, or exchange. It is designed so that only you, the token-holder, own and can access the underlying assets – 100% of the time. In the ever-changing world of crypto, having complete ownership of your assets reduces the risk.

What is an ERC20 compatible token?2023-02-24T03:52:17-08:00

ERC20 is a token standard. ERC20 compatibility means that each SWAVE token will be exactly alike. SWAVE is an ERC20 token which makes it listable on exchanges, eligible for borderless transactions, smart-contract ready, and cold wallet compatible. 

Can I just buy the underlying assets instead of SWAVE?2023-02-24T03:52:51-08:00

Yes, you can. But buying the SWAVE token instead has benefits:

  • Maximized returns: gains from SWAVE beat returns from leading cryptocurrencies.
  • Lower cost: pay transaction/gas fees to buy a single token and not three.
  • Convenience and ease: hold just a single asset that automatically rebalances, eliminating the need for a hands-on approach
What is Net Asset Value?2023-03-28T18:14:40-07:00

SWAVE’s price is its Net Asset Value(NAV). NAV is a total value of underlying assets in one token of SWAVE. It is commonly used to price funds as the true value of a fund is the total value of its assets. We use the same concept to price SWAVE. On DEX, the value of SWAVE is pegged to its NAV.

How is SWAVE different to Crypto20?2023-02-24T03:55:11-08:00

Crypto20 is a token representing a fund. When you buy a Crypto20 token, your money goes into a fund and is controlled by operatives of the fund.

On the other hand, SWAVE token-holders control their own investments. The money stays with the investor in the form of underlying assets, putting you in control.

What is the expense ratio?2023-02-24T03:57:34-08:00

These are fees paid out to Shuts Wealth Inc. over time, calculated as a small percentage of the token’s entire market cap (1% of market cap over 1 year). This fee incentivizes Shuts Wealth Inc. to increase the value of SWAVE over time to the benefit of token-holders.

What does it cost to invest in SWAVE?2023-03-05T19:53:07-08:00

There is no cost for you to invest in SWAVE.

A 1% annual fee is included in the token design. This fee is accrued linearly over the lifespan of SWAVE. If SWAVE’s market cap during a 1-year period is $100,000, then 1% of this, or $1,000 is accrued as SWAVE fees.

The investor does not need to actively pay these fees; the fee is automatically accrued. This incentivizes Shuts Wealth Inc. to ensure SWAVE remains a high-performing token.

Is SWAVE risk-free?2023-03-05T20:20:20-08:00

No growth investment is entirely risk-free. As an ERC-20 token, SWAVE is exposed to smart contract vulnerabilities. We’ve taken steps to mitigate some of these risks:

  • SWAVE is built on Set Protocol which hosts Bug Bounty Programs and has completed third-party audits by OpenZeppelin, ABDK, and Iosiro – Perpetual Module and Basis Trading Module.
  • We’ve taken proprietary measures to ensure the safe rebalancing of underlying tokens
  • And other measures which are found detailed in the SWAVE whitepaper
Can I follow the algorithm without buying SWAVE tokens?2023-03-08T20:56:18-08:00

Yes. To follow the algorithm without buying SWAVE tokens, subscribe to shüts’ crypto investing strategy. The principle followed by the strategy is the same as that employed on the token.

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